Help with Design Project Proposal Writing

Design agencies and freelancers both need to be constantly on the lookout for new business. The opportunity to present credentials to a prospective client has to be maximized. This can be a challenge for some people. It isn’t a situation where they don’t know how to write; they cannot write effectively. Design people have great technical skills but the writing ability may be lacking. Assistance in creating a great design project proposal is going to help.

Set the Tone Early

Design work is different than science or engineering. Highly technical language is not expected in a web design project proposal and consequently should be used sparingly. Web design work is highly creative and allows for conversational language, more so than an accounting proposal. The idea is to engage the reader and draw that person into the text of the proposal. A few sentences explaining professional qualities and achievements are acceptable in the introduction.

State the Need and Offer a Solution

There has to be a reason for anyone to even consider a proposal and the need statement has to be mentioned early in the writing. The need has to be verified with supporting facts and figures. The solution is what the writer wants to impress most upon the prospective client. This can be an explanation of the range of services that can be provided, and perhaps illustrations of work. It would be good idea to have full page illustrations in the Appendix to the proposal. Smaller images can be used in the body of proposal to keep the reader focused. The budget narrative is extremely important because the prospective client wants to determine if the service offered justifies the overall cost. A timeline can also give an idea of how long it will take to have final product. It also gives the writer chance to demonstrate how services are rendered on time on any project.

We Offer Highly Valuable Assistance

The work of drafting a proposal is time taken away from existing projects. It is a good idea to think of using a third-party to help in the development of a winning document. We have helped designers in the past put their best foot forward in front of prospective clients. Our staff makes certain illustrations and other visuals will be strategically placed in the proposal. We also can help draft proposal language that will make an already good solution be even more impressive in the reading. It is our desire to see to it that anyone we work for possesses the best possible proposal.

Project proposal design is made better with the use of professionals prepare proposals as the primary source of business. We can help develop that important design proposal help gain future clients. We encourage any interested party to gain touch with us about the services we have to offer.

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