How to Develop a Good Project Proposal

Why Write a Proposal

If you want to fulfill a project concerning your sphere of business interests and want to attract the attention of stakeholders to it, you will definitely need to cope with project proposal writing. This is the kind of proposal to describe the future project in outline and state its main results and aims. You need to realize that your proposal will make the first impression of the entire project, and consequently it defines whether you will get the stakeholders involved.

What to Describe While Project Proposal Writing

Project proposal demands a lot of analytical and critical thinking. You need to foresee the reaction of the audience and predict their possible questions and remarks. Project proposal writing is a bit of poker playing – learn the complex impression by minor details. While the proposal writing you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • the project’s background, i.e. its needs, references to supporting documents etc.
  • phases of the project;
  • project cost and resources etc.

These components of the project need to be carefully described while project proposal writing to make it really successful and effective.

Business Intelligence While Writing a Proposal

When writing a proposal you should structure it according to the generally accepted rules of business writing and ethics. Thus, the invariable components of the project are objectives and methodology, risk management plan, approach summary, conclusion and appendices. The project may be written according to a definite template, so it may require some of SWOT analysis. You may put the whole project into a “To-Do List”, analyze the requirements and project results.

Be creative and up-to-date in your project proposal writing!

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