How to Write a Website Project Proposal

web project proposalE-commerce is becoming big business. More and more companies realize the importance of having a website, and it is not surprising that small and medium-size companies are sending out RFPs (Request for Proposals). Web design companies are eagerly looking at the paperwork in order to secure the business these proposals are suggesting. It has to be remembered that there is more than one company going for a particular project, so any website project proposal submitted has got to be the best possible.

It Has to Be All-Inclusive

Nobody wants just a billboard in outer space. A web project proposal has to define all of the features that the intended site is going to have. This means a good outline of the final website is going be required. The writer should also indicate whether or not the site will use a content management system (CMS) or if Flash is going to be used. Wherever possible in the content, the words have to indicate how exciting the website is going to be and how it will induce visitors to stay long enough to perhaps place an order. A hosting plan should indicate how content is going to be handled, and what the cost will be for this option.

Maintenance and Budget Are Part of the Paperwork

A good proposal for website development must also include what will be done to provide maintenance for the site. The language has to include what the fees will be charged for any maintenance work. As with any proposal, there has to be a budget explaining what costs will be incurred for this setting up the website. The devil can be in the details and if the proposal writer is not careful, he or she may accidentally omit something that turned out to be a very critical part of the consideration.

We Can Provide Considerable Assistance

website project proposalA rejected proposal may be a case of the lack of the horseshoe nail. One or two major points, such as archive storage or use of multimedia, can stop a proposal in its tracks if they are not mentioned. Our writers go over the requirements of any RFP carefully. We make certain that everything that is expected is included in the proposal. We write the proposal knowing the person reviewing it may not be a web guru. The language is easy to understand, but the words also highlight the efficiency of using our client’s services. The outline and the format of our website proposals are always airtight. Nothing important is left out of the content.

These types of proposals have to be as complete as possible. We make sure the final draft covers all points of the RFP and showcases the high quality of a client’s service. We can definitely help a web design company in its quest for a proposal award.

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