PhD Project Proposal Guide

A PhD project proposal is really not much more than an outline. It defines a question and offers a process by which an answer will be derived. This will also demonstrate how the project itself advances knowledge in a given field. It really is that simple but for some people it is a trip to a torture chamber. There can be very strict guidelines in developing the proposal and that can include formatting requirements. For some people and especially those who have English as second language, this can be a real nightmare.

The Devil Is in the Guidelines

An academic department may have its own rules on what must be part of the proposal for a PhD research project. This can include word limits that cannot be breached. The structure of the proposal has to be good, and the methodology sound enough to reach a usable solution. Doctoral students sometimes make the mistake of rambling along with the proposal. That can be a real disaster.

It Has To Be Clear

The proposal is not meant to be a stream of consciousness report. There has to be an indication of reference material, how the question will be systematically answered, and a timeline that is workable. With all this in mind the student has to exhibit a passion for the process. He or she must be able to convince a reviewer that this is more than just a dry assignment. It should be fairly obvious by now that the proposal has the danger of being rejected if it is poorly written. We can help prevent that from happening.

We Have Experience Writing PhD Proposals

We have helped doctoral students prepare PhD thesis project proposals, and assisted in gaining the needed approval. We are very familiar with the nature of department guidelines, and everything that we write is well within the word limits. The student has to put his or her passion into the text, but we make certain that the words are also logical and not just dripping with emotion. Important matters such as reference materials, timelines, and methodology are what we go over carefully. Working with the client, we help craft a proposal that convinces reviewers of its merit.

A doctorate takes years of research and sacrifice. Having a proposal rejected can be very traumatic for any hard-working student. We do not want that to happen. Our services are meant to help this diligent person take those steps down the road to finally achieving a degree that recognizes academic excellence. We can help reduce the stress and anxiety of the proposal writing, and assist in delivering a proposal that ultimately will advance knowledge in the field.

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